The game called snooker is much associate with billiards and pool.

A lot of similarities like the table used in the game, the cue sticks and the balls. As much as possible, you need to make sure that the best tools are being utilized for the game so that you will be able to play the game well and smooth. One way to do it is by choosing the World snooker championship right cue stick. This tool is being used to hit the ball and the tips must be kept in good state since this part comes in contact with the ball. Whatever force or power that you have will be manifested by the tip of the cue. As you hit the ball, the tips may misalign or may be torn. You have to improve this as much as possible to keep a good game. There are some tips for you to do it right.


One simple way that you can do is to apply a chalk at the tips of the stick. If you have noticed, most players will apply a chalk the tip of the stick before they hit the ball. The chalk ensures that the contact that the ball will have with the tip will be solid and thus the shots can become accurate. Apply a chalk at the tip to ensure that the shot will not be misaligned.


Sometimes, the rubber tips of the sticks can be rough or unequal. What you need to do is to apply a sand paper on the tip. Make it round and smooth as much as possible to ensure that the shots will be accurate too. You have to know that the tiny abrasions of the tips that the sandpaper can make will ensure that there will be enough surface area for the ball.


There are times that you have no choice but to replace the old cue tip with a new one. To do this, you will have to remove the old tip first using the knife. You have to cut if off. After you have removed the tips, you will see that the end is not yet smooth with the adhesive in it. Thus, you need to get a sand paper and remove them to keep the stick clean.

After, you may then get the new tip and apply an adhesive to the tip of the stick. Position the new rubber tip to the tip of the stick to allow it to dry up. After, you need to shape the rubber tip using a sand paper. Make the tip as round as possible. You have to apply chalk and try if the cue stick can now be used in the game.