Rachel Berry – Defining Musical Moments on ‘Glee

The High School Musical 2 movie kind of grows on you. The story of two high school sweethearts, Troy (Zac Efron) & Gabriella (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) taking on a summer job in an exclusive golf club. Somehow they manage to bring all their classmates to work at the club too. The first part of the movie, there were more than a few musical sessions starting from the high school up to the exclusive golf club.

At first, it seemed as though the kids were going to be singing a tune every 10 minutes. Thankfully for me, it was not the case. The story continues to 풀싸롱 unwrap in the middle of the movie, the dancing & singing temporarily stops. The High School Musical 2 movie began to focus on the sinister plot planned by Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale), the daughter of the club owner who also happens to be Troy’s classmate & secret admirer.

She begins to execute her plan to steal Troy away from Gabriella. Troy is overwhelmed by the sudden attention given to him by Sharpay’s family & their impressive contacts. Troy begins to forget his friends & sweetheart Gabrielle in the wake of his job promotion, scholarship offer & professional basketball prospect. His best friend, Chad (Corbin Bleu) tries to Troy that he is drifting away from Gabriella, himself & his other classmates. By now, it is apparent that the High School Musical 2 movie showcases the values of friendship & not forgetting one’s self on becoming successful.

Sharpay’s plan backfires on her self as Troy refuses to sing in the talent show with her. He offers her one condition to fulfill his promise. His friends must be re-allowed to participate in the talent contest. To make the story richer, Sharpay’s brother, Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), feels betrayed as Troy is taken in to replace his role in the talent contest. In an interesting twist to the High School Musical 2 movie, Ryan befriends his previously estranged classmates.

Ryan also decides to lead them into the club’s talent contest. By now, the High School Musical 2 had returned into a musical once again. I thought the break away from music & dance in the middle of the movie is appropriate or else I would rather watch a music video. I for one would have been lost in a full musical movie. Thank goodness that the High School Musical 2 movie had its fair share of non-musical scenes. Soon after, Troy finally was brought to his senses then sings & dances his woes away, Justin Timberlake style.