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I get a ton of inquiries from folks who are looking for the cheapest tours on Grand Canyon helicopters. The answer is to choose the air-only tours. Here are some things to consider when shopping for affordable Grand Canyon tours.Aerial,Guest Posting or air-only tours do not land at the Grand Canyon. So if you want to land on the rim or the canon floor, you need to take a landing tour instead. All landing tours begin in Las Vegas because they’re toubkal ascent 2 days trek only allowed at Grand Canyon West (the West Rim). Grand Canyon Aerial ToursGrand Canyon helicopters fly out of Tusayan, AZ (located just beyond the South Rim’s main gates) or Las Vegas, NV. The choppers that take off from Vegas airfields go to the West Rim and the ones that take off in Arizona go to the South Rim. As for South Rim air tours, you can pick a 30-minute or 50-minute version. The shorter one is an exciting rim-to-rim flight from the South Rim to the North Rim and back. In addition to covering the same ground, the fifty-minute flight takes you over to the east boundary of the Park too.

West Rim air tours begin at one of the metro-area airfields, including the executive airstrip at Henderson (south of Sin City) and Boulder City’s municipal airport. These flights give you some amazing scenic vistas on your way to the West Rim and you pass over spectacular rock formations and landmarks like the Skywalk, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead. If you decide to take a tour to the South Rim, you need to make your own arrangements for getting to Tusayan, but if you go to the West Rim, the tours provide free pick up and drop off service to your hotel. The price for these tours usually includes taxes and applicable Park fees too. And, because aerial helicopter tours don’t include any side excursions or other extras, they’re usually the cheapest. Landing OptionsThe air-only tours are an amazing experience. But a landing tour is even more fun. The make your experience a lot more personal. The most popular choice sets down on the canyon bottom for a champagne picnic. Since that tour is so popular, you better book your seats early.

Other things you can do on landing tours include walking on the glass Skywalk and rafting along the Colorado River. Buying SeatsYou should get your seats at least a week ahead of time or two weeks during busy dates like the summer or holidays. That way you’ll be sure to get seats, plus you’ll get a better deal. The lowest prices on tours of the Grand Canyon are found online. Besides being cheaper, it’s more convenient. It’s not unusual to save as much as 30% off retail price, just by checking the “special deals” page. There might not be special deals available on the date you want, but you will still get the low Internet rate and save over retail price. Wrapping UpWhen you want to tour the Grand Canyon by chopper and get the lowest price, choose the air-only tours. These tours offer you a fantastic bird’s eye view of the canyon, but if you want a more personal experience, choose a landing tour. You’ll have to pay more, but it is worth it if you can afford it. No matter what you decide, book your seats online. That way you will get the lowest rate possible!