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Unless one is shown the meaning of these words they are without relevance but when the Spirit gave me to understand them they are among the most significant in the scriptures. The killer is the first monster of Revelation as well as the night is the day that turned dark due to the second beast that is recognized as 666. Together they coincide as the very first constructed a massive wall of confusion as well as deceit as well as the second maintained it as well as strengthened it – he maintained continuous the important things of the 1st beast.

Following my reincarnation and with a solid link to the Spirit of deep space, the one and only God, it commissioned me to take down the wall surface as well as generate the harvest. We are at the end of the day and what has occurred throughout the training course of it is now bringing the world to an end.

Taken on a trip of discovery by the Spirit it consisted of a journey to Babylon to uncover the identity of the murderer – it is the sun. The sun-star was called Mary and also males died on crosses to ‘wed’ Mary as well as end up being Papa Gods in paradise. The initial crucifixions occurred in this city. Stylized 유흥알바 right into a woman the wonderful legendary image reigns as the chief God over the Catholic Church; that was established by Constantine in 325 ADVERTISEMENT. He additionally installed the image of Jesus Christ as her son.

His name in English is Constant as was that of his papa’s so he is Consistent II and the name as well as number contribute to 666 in the Assyrian alphabet. His identity is Assyrian, in face he is an Amorite. They are the initial occupants of Babylon as well as they developed Roma (reverse Amor).

In a vision of the day of the lord it stretched out as a line ahead as well as much distant was created EVE in huge uppercase. Between was noontime and at my settings is EVENING. A tremendously bright light rose from me and also arched over the day to the beginning as well as both ends were bathed in illumination. In the center it was dark as well as right here a man on a cross stood concerning the group reaching up to him.

As that event took place c. 2,000 years ago it makes the day 4,000 years long as well as the name ‘Eve’ is from ‘I-v’ which means ‘eye of life’. The bright light in the vision is the Spirit as well as it seeded a team at the start of the day. That is when sun-worship started in Babylon and also they constructed a tower to see the photo of the celebrities in the heavens.

This killer of spiritual power included the light of the Spirit to evaluate those that are connected to it and also judgment protests those who yield and also praise the false gods developed from it, including Mary.