How to Survive from Being Trapped in an Elevator?

Elevators or lifts are things that make people access floors in a building very conveniently. And in a day, they are used not less than a hundred times. So, their conditions should be considered. In Thailand, especially in the rainy season, power outages can happen, which cause elevators not functioning. And it is very dangerous for people who are still in an elevator if they are trapped in there for too long. So, if you experience being trapped in an elevator, here are tips for surviving from being trapped in an elevator:

Be Conscious

There are times that in emergency situations, we might be panicked and cannot do things in the way that it should be. So, in this situation, being trapped in an elevator, you have to be conscious to realize what is going on. As there is another accident called falling elevator, you have to be able to differentiate whether it is a stuck elevator or falling elevator. If it is a falling elevator, you have to act fast to minimize your injury.

Call for Help

When you are stuck in an elevator, you need to call for help as soon as possible as the oxygen in the elevator is depleted continuously. If the oxygen in the elevator is depleted, you will be suffocated, and it is not a good thing. To call for help, you have to push the ‘emergency call’ or ‘talk’ button in the elevator. Keep trying pushing the button until there is someone answering you. And it would be a lot helpful if you can remember what floor you are at; the rescue team can locate you easily and can get you out of the elevator in time.

Do Not Try Anything Recklessly

When you are stuck in an elevator, you might come up with the idea of prying the elevator’s door. This idea is highly not recommended for you as you might damage the circuit or electronic parts in the elevator, causing more problems for you, other people who are stuck in the elevator with you, and the rescue team. As said before, try to be calm and call for help.

 In this situation, it can be said that you should be conscious and calm until you can get out of the elevator. If you are panicked, your body will exert more oxygen, in which it leads to suffocation faster. And it should be the responsibility of the building’s owner to make sure that this problem would never happen at all costs. Installing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will help the elevator still have its power to function.

 Accidents can happen to us anytime unexpectedly. Like accidents, you also cannot predict when sickness will happen to you. So, for expats, buying health insurance for expat health in Thailand would be an assurance for you as it can cover medical expenses for you.