How Digital Photos Frames Work

If you have got on with the bandwagon and started taking stock photos for micro stock agencies then you are taking low cost digital stock photos. These photos pay you around twenty five cents every time they are downloaded. May not seem like a lot but if your photograph is highly desired and downloaded you can earn a lot of money simply making money off photos you already took.

Taking stock photos like this will probably mean you may have to start off with a very low budget. You probably won’t be able to afford expensive lighting kits or model agency hired models that look perfect even before being Photo-shopped.

There are many low cost lighting kits and other photographic tools that you can use to take stock photos that are high quality. The technical tools and equipment you use must be good quality but doesn’t necessarily mean it must be expensive. The equipment you have will give you more creative freedom but won’t give you more skills. You need to work on your skills through practice and experimentation to take better photos.

Stock photos can be taken very cheaply with a digital camera only. You can set up your studio outside and use the suns lighting as the illumination. Set up some reflectors and a diffuser over the head of the models and you got an extremely cheap studio set up that can take some great photos.

Just because you use cheap techniques does not mean you will try to skimp out on photographic technical aspects. Be sure your photo is properly focused and as sharp as possible. Make sure there is as little noise as possible. Try to make your photo as perfect as possible. Remember, although you only earn twenty five cents per download if you take a great photo it could get downloaded several times a day for years!

Many photographers that submit photos to stock photo agencies try to take as many pictures as possible. They hear that more photos will mean more money and try taking thousands of pictures. Taking pictures fast and trying to build up quantity can lead to some really ugly and awful photos that nobody will buy and probably won’t even get accepted by the stock photo agencies.

When taking low cost digital photos that you submit to stock photo agencies don’t treat the actual photo taking as if it were low cost and cheap. Using cheap equipment does not mean you have the excuse to just click auto focus and auto exposure. Make your photo flawless and you will be rewarded.